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Answer to the key question, why you need SEO?

Traffic received from the organic Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)provides the highest ROI across all industries.
SEO is considered the backbone of website marketing. It is one of the few ways to get traffic to your website for FREE. Compared to Pay Per Click or other types of paid advertising efforts, the top 10 links on the search results page give you more business leads and visitors to your website. In "Pay per click", you loose money on each click or impression on your adverstisment links. Hence Organic SEO is the best way to market your website online. To make your website on come on the top in search engines, you need experts to work in SEO & hence reach good ranking. To optimize a website, there are several key points to be considered. Key word analysis helps to optimize your website with result oriented keywords. Another key factor is about developing keyword oriented content with right density for your pages. It is relevant that your website has to be keyword optimized for getting a better ranking in Google or any other search engines like yahoo, bing etc. Analysis show that 92% of people who find your website, get there from a search engines. Google controls roughly 70% of the search market with Bing and Yahoo fighting to get back in the game. The days of the Yellow Pages books are dead. If your website does not have high visibility with the search engines, you will be a great loser as far as business development is concerned.

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